Dennis Alex Jones

I use my expertise in coaching and mentoring to aid individuals in overcoming life obstacles. Additionally, I utilise positive mindset marketing strategies to empower businesses in reaching their full potential.

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I’ve worked in retail management, journalism, marketing and communications. I’ve also worked hard to learn more about people management, including courses in mentoring and coaching. My skillset means I have a unique outlook when it comes to coaching and marketing – because I understand what makes people tick.

Whether you’re looking for a boost in confidence with your career or life, or a boost for your business – I can help with both. I cannot wait to help you achieve your goals. 

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" I believe in a positive mindset.
Not that bad things don't happen, but that we can always find a way to work through them "
Dennis Jones


“If you can dig yourself out of a hole, you can build a mountain”

Let’s work together and prove that any situation – no matter how challenging, can be overcome step by step. 

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