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This timeline features the work I have done in retail, journalism, marketing and comms. You’ll also be able to see all accreditations, certificates and qualifications.

My TImeline

Level 3 Counselling Diploma | Association of Learning

Currently (2023) studying for a level 3 Counselling Diploma in order to help me with my coaching and mentoring. I will also be offering counselling services, supporting people on their journey of self-discovery.

When Ice Cream Melts | Author

A series of short stories – some inspired by real life events and others inspired by my love if sci-fi. Preview of The Visitor: I started thinking about the day my ex-boyfriend and I had spent colour coordinating the entire collection to make it look neat and tidy. That all changed when he dumped me for our neighbour Tracey, the tart. I spent the next few weeks rearranging them into no order at all. I saw it as my personal therapy session. For more information visit

Legacy of the Dark | Author

I am currently attempting to self-fund the release of a fiction book I have been writing. This book is currently available in a preview phase (£8) of 50 pages, detailing the journey of Arthur Flux, and the darkness that envelopes the world. Please contact me for a copy. Anybody who purchases the final full version will be able to do so for £6 with proof of purchase of the preview version. Visit for more information.

Inspire Growth Coaching

At 41 years old I have a lot of life experience that I want to share. Inspire Growth is blossoming slowly, giving me the chance to share my insights and knowledge with other people. Being able to share what I know, and what experiences I have had, has been an incredible blessing.

Happy Otter Marketing

During 2022 I realised I wanted a new start and to create something for myself that was based on my values. Happy Otter focuses on Positive Mindset Marketing, taking the best bits of my life coaching and my marketing experience and pulling it all together to promote some really incredible businesses. As with Inspire Growth, I have designed and built the website myself. I have designed all marketing assets, a business and marketing plan and implemented all. My knowledge working for small to medium businesses has been essential in helping me be confident in building my portfolio of businesses.

Lockdown: Love | Author

During lockdown I wrote a series of poems based on my experience of being ‘locked down’ on my own at a time where I was trying to learn more about who I was. It opened my eyes as to what I wanted to be and gave me confidence in who I am as a person. The book is on sale on Amazon. Written during the winter of 2020 and released in March 2022.

Life Coaching Diploma | Centre of Excellence

I wanted to learn more about helping people be their best. Life-coaching and mentoring isn’t therapy, it is about using my own life experiences to help others unlock the hidden abilities they have. We all have incredible potential, and coaching helps uncover that.

Fundraising Diploma | Corndel

During my time at The Society of St James, I undertook a lot of the major fundraising duties – in particular – working with local businesses and individuals to help raise money for the charity. As part of this I was offered the chance to do a Fundraising Diploma, which taught me new skills and helped with my own personal development.

Certificate in Trauma Informed Care | SSJ

Whilst at SSJ, I would often be in charge of creating content that would mean spending a lot of time with people who were long-term homeless. Learning about Trauma Informed Care helped me understand the true definition of trauma and how that can impact people. It helped me look at how we can communicate effectively with people who may have encountered situations in their past which has lead to them experiencing negative consequences. This helped me learn a lot more about myself, and how I can be more understanding which has helped my communication skills with all people.

Clothing range | 2020-2021

I wanted to put something together to keep me occupied during COVID, and decided to launch a clothing brand. I sold over 150 t-shirts, with little advertising. I decided to close down the business to focus on marketing, but I am working on plans to relaunch the business in the future with TeeMill.

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