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Welcome to my author page. I am currently writing a fiction book which details the fight between the light and the dark. In 2022 I self-published a poetry book which had 20 poems about my experiences during the pandemic.

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Legacy Of the Dark – PREVIEW

“FROM the moment we fall into the world, blinking into the light with our parents standing over us with joy in their eyes, we have an irrational fear of the dark. We hold back from looking under the bed, hear imaginary whispers in the night and pull blankets across our toes as the chills fall down our spine about what may be hiding within the darkness of our room. But this fear is not irrational, this is the Legacy of the Dark.”

This book is currently available in preview for £9 (paperback) or £6 (e-book) to help me fund the book.

Purchase the Kindle version on Amazon. Paperback coming soon.

Download a preview of chapter 2

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When Ice Cream Melts

From ‘The Visitor: “I started thinking about the day my ex-boyfriend and I had spent colour coordinating the entire collection to make it look neat and tidy. That all changed when he dumped me for our neighbour Tracey, the tart. I spent the next few weeks rearranging them into no order at all. I saw it as my personal therapy session.

This book will be released in 2024 and will be available for pre-order soon.

Amazon Paperback: Coming soon

Kindle: Coming soon

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Lockdown Love: A series of poems written during the Pandemic

I had no idea, back in March 2020, that my whole life would change. I became a man – more responsible, courageous, caring – but I also had many falls. I’ve been challenged and I have been pushed to be a better person. Right now I am on a journey so different to what I expected and I look forward to the adventures that brings. Right now I am becoming the happiest I have ever been and I cannot wait to see what the next decade has in store.

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